Thursday, October 23, 2014

And I think to myself...

What a wonderful world! 
An absolutely amazing fall day complete with sunshine, a breeze and crunchy leaves.
You know a day like that is hard to resist!
Fall is by far my favorite time to run. The temps are always near perfect and I love the smell of leaves.
If you have never lived in a state that has a proper fall, then you need to come visit Michigan!
Yup, perfect weather called for a run!
I miss running.
My frustration from this entire year of injuries and IT madness need to be behind me.
It has truly brought me down and I have had a really hard time coming back from it.
Not the physical part, but the mental part.
It is frustrating to be at a certain fitness level and then have to nearly begin again.
Yes, you do come back quicker but you still have to restart and it is hard to do; mentally.
So off I went today!
That is actually a pretty standard pace for me and my legs felt pretty darned heavy but it is still a good run and I will take it! ☺
The sun was warm, the wind was cool...
Seriously perfect.
Yup, I am pretty happy about my run today.
A little knee nagging but it is feeling good this evening and so no complaints from this runner girl!
This dandelion is a reminder that the seasons change and move on.
Change is a constant.
I shared this quote on my Facebook page today and thought you might like it, too:

“Change is not only inevitable, but always happening. When you truly embrace this concept of change being constant, the only thing left to do is grow, detach, venture inwards, touch the spirit and find your source — the one responsible for keeping you grounded through the ever-changing seasons of life.”  source

One more thing before I go relax for the evening.
I was given the opportunity to do a review of a bit of safety equipment and wanted to share them with you.
 Phantom Fit Reflective Bands
These Phantom Fit Reflective Bands are awesome!
My husband does much more running in the early mornings and evenings than me so I had him review them and he was truly impressed. The quality is much higher than other products I have seen.
They come with their own little carrying bag, which is also nice.
I have been trying to get them back from my honey but I he likes them too much!
He wears them on his ankles and there is a reflective strip on the top and bottom which makes them much more visible. He and I both recommend these!
I also think they are priced right; under $15.00 on Amazon.
Phantom Fit Reflective Bands

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What's Happening Wednesday!

Mid week and all kinds of things going on.
What is happening with you?
I've got a variety of things going on; a little blogginess (secret blog biz...can't wait!), a little school work and conference calls and kiddo #3 (in birth order!) has a cross country meet this evening, the last of the season so I have been getting things wrapped up to head out for that.
It was an early morning workout today...
Up before the sun!
I have to admit, I have been neglecting my workouts lately; my heart just hasn't been in it.
I am definitely feeling the difference because I have been slacking so much.

I have been on a mission to get some things done today so straight to the shower and on to breakfast which was a pretty ugly dump bowl.
Mango chunks, plain coconut yogurt, raw coconut and raw pumpkin seeds.
For a little energy, I did drizzle about a teaspoon of raw honey over the whole things, it was the perfect bit of sweetness.

Even though I do not do caffeine, I still like to have something warm to drink in the morning so today it was a cappuccino cream decaf with a bit of stevia, vanilla and coconut milk.

I spent the morning doing homework and conference call #1 for the day.
Then moved on to this little gem...
Romaine, spinach, carrots shreds, tomato, snap peas, hummus and salsa verde for dressing.
I have a hard time getting in to salads when it gets cool out but this hit the spot today.
I am still full!

A quick trip to pick up #1 and then right back for conference call #2 which was video conferencing.
I got to be all old school and use the house phone for the audio since the cell phone provider that rhymes with horizon put out an update yesterday that is causing everyone's phones to reboot randomly and often.
What the heck?!?!
It is a nightmare!
The phone reboots at least once an hour and even if you are on a call.
Really, not fun!
Supposedly will be some time before there is a fix and there is nothing that will stop it from happening, as is.
insert angry smiley face here!
This is me all business like on my call. Haha!
Here we are in the conference room together.
Really, awkward.
As they say, my work here is done and it is about time to head out to see Miss Maddy run her last meet.
She doesn't love running the way her Dad does but she is having fun and when you are 11, I think that's ok.

Promise me you will have a fantastic evening!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A little Tuesday fabulousity!

Hey! Hey! I am pretty sure I am just making up words but that's ok, right?
Is fabulousity a word?
My computer is giving me the angry red line that tells me it is not.
A little busy, as usual and taking a rest day today.
The body is feeling a little wore out so I am thinking it is a good day to take a break.
Still doing a whole lot of post-wedding stuff and my classes started back up this week.
Always busy!
I decided to let you take a little peek at my yummilicious breakfast.
A piece of my favorite pumpkin baked oatmeal topped with some chopped apple.
I bake up a batch of baked oatmeal, cut it in to individual servings and toss it in the freezer.
Just takes a few minutes to heat up.
Easy, easy!
From breakfast things kind of went to paperwork, picking up a sick kid, grabbing a few groceries while looking like a hobo (no pics, sorry! Ha!)
For the record, I may have been in my biggest hoodie and leggings but I did put on make-up!
From there I think I spent 95% of my time on the phone with some sort of someone that may or may not be able to help me with changing my name or status or insurance policy.
I kind of lost track who I spoke with and am now in limbo until my driver's license arrives.
Ended the evening with a little Sons of Anarchy marathon with my honey.
Because I love him, I did not force him in to another selfie.
To make up for it...
A pre-bedtime, mid routine pic complete with the same hoodie from earlier at the grocery store and my fabulous hair wrap that keeps the wispies out of my way.
I am feeling as tired as I look.
I actually took the picture because I have switched to pure shea butter as my moisturizer to see if it make me look magnificent and wrinkle free!
Probably a few years too late with the shea.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Flashback time...

Oh my!
I decided to share an old post since it is kind of fun to see what was happening last year.
This post is from October 21, 2013

Monday Morning Confessions
I decided that maybe I need to confess a few things.
No, none of them are very big but I think I should be honest.

The first thing you need to know is that I am secretly really lazy and would love to be a big old couch potato.
Thankfully, I have a very short attention span and can't sit still for more than a sitcoms worth of time.
Seriously, going to the movies makes me crazy to sit still that long.
But in my head I am a big old slug that longs to do NOTHING!

The second thing, I have about zero self confidence.
I look at the ticker counting down the days until my Half marathon and I know it is going to take every one of those days to convince myself that I can do it and then there is still a good chance that I will cry before it happens...a lot.
I have even enlisted the help of my friend Alan at Sweating Until Happy to kick my butt when I need it!
I'm not sure he knows what he has gotten himself into!

My next big confession is that I may be the world's worst procrastinator.
I am in my 3rd week of school. I had a paper due at midnight that I have known about since the 1st day of classes. After staring at it for more hours than I care to count, I spent about 18 hours of my weekend doing the blasted paper. I got 4 hours of sleep on Saturday night and finally turned it in around 11:00 yesterday morning. Dr. Law, if you are reading this...I am so sorry! 
My procrastination causes me anxiety and makes me want to cry.
Hmm...maybe I am just a big old baby. Highly likely!

Here's another...
So this is my hair on Thursday morning after my workout and shower.
And here is my hair on Friday afternoon.
Yup, that's right. I slept in it, worked out in it, showered in it and rocked it clear until Saturday morning.
What's my confession? I am pretty darn gross and too lazy to do my hair every day.
In all fairness, my hair is a hot mess and I can't wash it every day or else if will look like a hay stack in top of my head. So yeah, I won't post the Saturday hair pic (you are welcome).
There IS a chance that these same clothes may be seen in Sunday's workout pics though.
Gulp...I'm gross.

Oh hey, I am not the only one with something to confess!
These guys:
They actually like each other.
They like me too, even with my 2 day old hair-do.

Do I need to confess to being obsessed with Spacchini?
Who needs noodles when you can do fancy stuff with zucchini?
I'll share the recipe later.

Someone (ahem...) has not worked out, not eaten, and is still in their jammies and it is 9:45...

My friends, have a great day!

Anything you want to confess?