Friday, December 5, 2014

It is time for a few BIG changes!

I think the time has finally come...
I have been working for a few months now to get a new blog going.
I must admit, it isn't easy to decide what changes you want to make even when you know it is time to make them.
I honestly can't remember how long I have been blogging now but I have undergone many changes and it only seems right to bring the blog along with me.
Change isn't always easy. I am someone that is much more comfortable with predictability and that comfort zone. 
Over the past year, I have made some significant changes in my personal life and I love my blog, I really do.
There is a huge part of me that wants to help people make their lives better.
I am going to school to be a licensed professional counselor, not so I can help people but so I can help people discover that they can help themselves.
I want the blog to reflect that holistic aspect and yes, I am still running and blogging about it. Yes, I am still taking way too many selfies. Yes, I am still me but I have a direction in my life and I want you to come along with me. ♥
The new blog is still a work in progress but I love it and I hope you do, too!
My first official post is up and again, there are still a lot of elements missing but I want to 'move in' and get comfortable.

Along with the new blog, I also decided to start a page to share my photography. Taking pictures is a passion of mine and i am about as amateur as they come but I still love it and I so I decided to give my pictures a home of their own. ♥

Like I said, there have been some pretty big changes in my life and I am nervous and excited about the future. I absolutely love the people I have met because of the blog and social media and I hope to continue to grow those friendships and make many more along the way.
I have had mixed reactions to the blog transitioning away from a running blog but that's ok, I understand.
The new format does not change the runner that I am, the person that I am.
I still have tons of recipes to share and everything else.
No, the new blog may not be for everyone but it is me...
It is very me.

I am not on a weight loss journey, I am not on a fitness journey; I am on my own journey through life and I am grateful that you allow me to share that with you.
My friends, welcome to my Perfectly Imperfect Life!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thinking Out Loud Today...

Happy Thursday! 
I should note, as you may have noticed, my posts have not been going live and for some reason have been all hung up (yet again!) and so I am pretty much spamming you with like 10 days worth of posts.
I am so sorry!
...insert sad, sorry face here...
  It is now Thursday evening and as I sit here writing I have been trying to put together this odd day that I have had.
I started my day with some much needed yoga time and it was even better with my Tough Chik singlet on.
I absolutely love my Team Tough Chik girls; wouldn't trade them for the world!
I have been going to the chiropractor this week and wow, what a difference it has made with my yoga!
You never realize how out of whack your body can get.
We hold so much stress in our bodies, it is incredible!
So yoga time was much needed!
Followed that up with another chilly run.
Run streak day 8!
 Ummm...I left out without my hat and didn't realize it until I was about a quarter mile from the house.
Oops! I wear my Bondi Band to keep my ears smooshed down and warm and then put a hat over it. 
I am all about the layers!
Speaking of layers, I have had a few people ask me how I keep my hands warm running in the winter.
Well, here you go:
Layer 1, or is it layer 3? Hmm...
The outer layer is these fabulous little convertible mittens.
The let you flip back the little lid thing if your hands are too warm or if you need to sneak out one finger to take a selfie or something, haha!
I got them at Walmart; I am all about layers and cheap, I guess.
 Ok, so here is the little thing flipped back. It has some tiny magnet that holds it back against your hand.
See, there are little half-finger things inside, they are fabulous!
Inside you see more gloves. Yes, layer two is a thin pair of gloves that have a really long cuff that I put over top of my long-underwear shirt top to keep out any wind.
 Totally horrible pictures, I know but this thin pair of gloves is perfect because they also have a little convertible pointer finger that you can flip back to use your phone. Well, I have glove #3 under there.
It is hard to see in the picture but they are those little knit kind of gloves that shrink all little when they aren't on your hand. I get the kind that has some little magic tips that also let you use your phone.
You see a theme here? Haha!
Using my phone is clearly a priority!
Between pictures, run app and music...I want to be able to use my phone without taking off my gloves!
I have the world's coldest hands and feet and I have tried a bunch of different gloves and mittens. I have have cheap ones, I have expensive ones but this still works best for me. Oh, and a bonus with the outer mittens? My phone slides down in to the convertible part and I can use my thumb to hold it in place...Phone stays warm and accessible!
Haha! ☺
I have thyroid issues and have a very hard time keeping my feet and hands warm. Ugh!
But my triple layer gloves help a ton!

Oh, hey...totally random but I had to share this with you!
So Delicious Mint Chocolate Coconut Milk?
Yes, please!
Haha! I love the top!
It is too thick for me to want a glass full of it but it is yummy and great in my coffee!
Oh, just so you isn't actually think but I am not a milk drinker and even when I was drinking dairy I preferred skim milk because whole milk is thick!
I guess this reminds me of the thickness of whole milk.
Does that make sense?
It is so good though!
I am thinking about freezing it into little cubes and making my own 'ice cream' with it!
A friend suggested warming it, I may try that.
I hope you are having a great week...
The weekend is almost here!
 Thanks, Amanda!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I am calling this 'What the Heck Wednesday'!

First, I will admit that I have a selfie problem.
Second, I am having a very ridiculous blog problem.
Things are getting sorted out over here with the blog thing but the selfies? Yeah, still am issue!
I was going through my pictures this week and honestly, the weather is just crazy!
Mondays run was freezing!
Sunday's run:
Yup, it was nice enough for shorts and a ball cap.
I ran two miles to make up for the first couple days of streaking.
I will admit, I wasn't going to streak but couldn't stand not doing it so I can't make up the days but I am making up the miles! This was the 1st day back.☺

Tuesday I ran and it was just 23° out side. So cold!
I did my little mile and called it a day!
It was another cold one today but not quite as cold as yesterday!
Just so you know, when the weather is this chilly and I am only running a mile or two, you will be seeing a repeat of this hoodie:
For some reason I like this one for my winter runs. Haha! It is usually hard to run in a hoodie but this has been my go to for a while now. Don't worry though, the outer wear may be the same but the inner wear is new and clean each day! Haha!

This morning's workout was early and I guess no one had anything better to do:
I had an audience and I am sure they were impressed with my weight lifting today. ☺
As evident on their wide awake faces. Ha!
I think what they like the most are my flexing selfies.
Just so you know, I actually do these for my Instagram account. LOL...
I am silly more often than not and so you usually get goofy faces.
I am a dork and I really can't help it.
Besides, Instagram is really fun!
Come follow me so I can follow you back!
This one is NOT a selfie!
I love these little berries or whatever they are and wanted to get a picture of them before they are covered in snow. (Which hopefully won't be too soon!)
Do you ever take pictures while you are running, or afterwards?
If so, share them on your social media with the hashtag #seenonmyrun
It is a fun hashtag to check out on Instagram.
Lots of cool places that people are running!

Ok, I am off again.
Sorry for the blogging problems.
I think they should be back to posting on schedule, I am not sure.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Not everyone likes to streak...

Ok, so Monday was Day 5 of the 2014 Winter #RWRunStreak and I was all over it!
Cold morning? No problem!
Forgot half my stuff? No problem!
I am living half in one place and half in another so I lose my mind from time to time and packing Sunday night for my Monday morning run and I somehow managed to remember my watch and shoes but failed to grab my gloves and hat. Hmm...
My husband's hat will do the trick and although I did not get a photo that will allow you to appreciate them...
I wore my gas pumping gloves and they were fantastic!
You don't have gas pumping gloves?
This girl hates pumping gas with an absolute passion so the task calls for thick gloves that keep my hands from a.)touching the pump and b.)getting stinky
And hey...gloves that are always in your vehicle can come in handy when you pack like a dork and somehow forget you live in a cold, cold place!
My husband and I have this idea that we are going to turn Mikey into a runner.
Mikey has other plans...
See my face?
See Mikey's head?
We are NOT happy!
Oh, he was all peppy and happy for like the first quarter of a mile and then he slowed a bit.
Ok. Not a problem, I can go slow.
He poo'd, he peed, he poo'd again and peed about 800 more times.
Clearly the dog was stalling but I had to break the news to him...
We are over a mile from home and there is no one there to come get us so we have to go back.
Mikey does not have the concept - The faster you move, the sooner it is over.
Our two mile run had us outside in below 30 temps for almost 35 minutes.
If he wasn't such a cow I would have picked him up and ran with him.
He refused to run and barely would even walk (as pictured above, it involved coaxing and dragging)
He then refused to even sit!
Oh yeah, it was a full on rebellion.
I am streaking. Mikey is not.

A very cold couple of miles are in the books and Mikey well...
He and his warm, soft bed had the rest of their day cut out for them.