Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Friday!

Ok, ok...
I know that I am being hit or miss with my blog posts but I finally realized that changing blogs, web address and email is a whole lot harder than moving into a new house.
Holy cow!
Phew...what a job this has been.
I remember saying that the transition would be pretty easy and it was, for the most part however, I didn't really consider the whole email thing and all that.
Maybe it has been a good thing that the snow kept me in for a week and this week I had some creeping crud that has kept me in the house.
I have been getting lots done and I feel tons better today!
I have been off the knee(s) for about two weeks now and they are finally feeling better.
(Yay...I get to run soon!)
I have been trying to keep up with my strength training but this darned bug has really slowed me down.
Haha...feeling all wiped out but still keeping up with the 30 Day Plank Challenge!
Such a lovely picture.
Uh oh!
The muscles are starting to disappear, time to step it up again!
I am really hoping that I am getting all my 2014 things out of the way...
Injury, sickness and big old snow storms.
That should do it for the year, right?
Gosh, I sure hope so!
Guess what?
I'm even back to making muffins! good, I missed them!
Oh, and here's a little something for you...
Planking time is rubbing time for Cleo!
Yes, another fabulous Cleo butt photo bomb.
That crazy cat. Seriously love her.

Ok, I think I have gone on long enough.
I've got more recipes coming, an awesome giveaway coming, so stay tuned!

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