Friday, January 24, 2014

Question? Does running...

Why is it that I wake up every morning with this mental list of things to do and somehow time flies by and I have accomplished so little? What the heck is going on?
I don't know what it is but I need to figure this stuff out!
But wouldn't it be nice to have someone else to blame?

Ok, ok...
Let me see what was I going to tell you?
The new blog is going pretty well, yes?
No more problems loading and I think the recipe program and I have come to some sort of mutual agreement (kind of like we agree to disagree but it works).
The new Facebook page is a bit more of a struggle, I am not sure why FB is trying to be so bossy and everything but if you haven't already 'Liked' the page, I hope you click on the little pink linky up there on the left and it will take you there!I love reading other blogs so if you follow from your personal page, you can also follow with your Facebook page and I will be able to find you really easy to follow you back!

So there's been some yummy eats going on over here as well this week.
Do you eat papaya? Gosh, it is so good!
Try and find organic though because these bad boys top the list of GMO's. 
Ever squirt a little fresh lime over papaya? So good!

Whipped up a little homemade hot chocolate.
This one was peppermint!
I take a spoonful of 100% cacao (I use Special Dark from Hershey's)
Add just enough milk of choice to create a thick paste. I do this while I am heating a cup of either milk or water (I use unsweetened coconut milk). For this guy I added some SweetLeaf Stevia and a few drops of peppermint stevia. Pour the hot liquid over your chocolate paste and stir, stir, stir. Yum!

Been all about flat breads lately!
This was a little snacking flat bread - Banana with chocolate 'sauce'. Yum!
This was my breakfast flat bread. Yeah, there was a banana theme. I have decided maybe I need to pluck 4-5 different bananas from the stand at Trader Joe's; get one that is super green, one not so green, and so on that way they won't all be overripe at the same time!
If you are interested I can share the recipe. It is super easy and just makes one serving.

The work outs are back with little to no knee pain. Yay!
It feels so good to be going hard again! I love my strength training but I also love my cardio.

Definitely have to switch it up!

So yup, that's a quick run down of exciting stuff.
Oh! Did I show you these?
I don't remember if I did or not, they are some little no bake bites.
So yummy.
I'll get the recipe posted this weekend.

Oh hey - Look who dropped by to help with the blog!
My Cleo
So helpful...

Ok, my dears, I am off to do some exciting laundry and equally as exciting homework.
The wonderful world of mental health counseling awaits!

Oh! I keep remembering things that I wanted to tell you. Ugh...
Getting old or something!

Let's see:
  • I've got a big giveaway coming
  • Be on the look out for 'Finish Line Friday'
  • Half Marathon training starts soon!
  • Super 5k race next weekend
  • More recipes, running and all kinds of hoopla coming your way!

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And there are NEVER enough new recipes!

And of course, I hope you have found your way to Bloglovin' so you can follow all your favorite blogs in one spot! Makes things so much easier!

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