Sunday, February 9, 2014

And the winner is...

Or should I say the winnerS!
I am so sorry that I am a day late with this, I hope everyone saw my tweets this morning.
I have been having some issues with Blogger and so a little delayed.
So without further delay, here are the winner of all 4 prizes:
 The winner of the BackJoy® Posture+
Entry #12 Liana R. 

I have two winners for the Runner's World Magazine Subscription and they are:
Entry #384 Jill G.
Entry #751 Adrienne D.
And last but not least the winner of the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Entry  is:
Entry #328 Jeffrey L.
Congratulations everyone and thank you so much to everyone that entered!
If you did not win you still have many more chances through the other bloggers!
Go Run Jess will be kicking off her giveaway tomorrow. So go check out her blog and enter to win!
I believe there are still 7 bloggers that have not had their giveaways yet, so lots more chances.
You can also follow the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Facebook page to keep up on all the latest information and see what contests and fun things they have going!
 Here are some helpful links for you:

The marathon is just 97 days away! Down to double digits. Woohoo!
My training officially starts tomorrow, I was thinking it was today but I am apparently losing my mind. So tomorrow it is! Be sure to come hang out on Training Tuesday.

My kabocha is down in the oven and I am hoping to get that done before I am back on the road to pick up my lacrosse player and then back home for homework, running, rushing and late as usual. Haha!

To all the winners, please email me to verify your information.
Liana R. - I will need your address via email.
Jill & Adrienne - I will need your address via email to get your subscription started. Also let me know if you already subscribe and we will figure something out!
Jeffrey - I just need you to email me and I will be sending you the code to register through

You guys are awesome!
Have a great rest of the weekend!

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