Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Training Tuesday Week 3

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it is already week 3 for training.
I'd say that things are going pretty well.
My long run was Sunday and it was still just 4 miles. This Sunday it bumps up to 5. 
Everything bumps up just a bit this week. I added a half mile to the run today and Wednesday is still 2 miles and Thursday adds another half mile.
I am also going on week 2 of this silly cold so breathing while running is still kind of optional.
That's pretty fun, right?!
Looking a little tired after my run. I was also trying out my new wireless headphones so I have a little Mickey Mouse ear thing going on there.
I will get up a review in a couple of days.
I love having wireless headphones!
It makes it a bit harder with a headband, kind of squishes my ears a little bit.
Man, oh man I am so ready for spring.
I know everyone is, this has been such a crazy winter for everyone.
Blah...bring on spring!
Maybe that will help!
HaHa! It can't hurt, right?
Let's see, still keeping up with the daily yoga. I am loving that and actually starting to feel a bit more bendy.
Woohoo, yay for bendy!
Here's a little strength training sass for you..
And you know you always get stuck with a flex pic, c'mon it wouldn't be fun if you missed out on my pale arms flexing! ha!
I think people often get stuck in their own routines or feel like the workout they do is enough. Strength training is an important form of exercise for both serious and recreational athletes, because you build lean muscles that help your body power through tough runs but it also fires up your metabolism to help with weight-control and strengthens bones against deterioration. A strength training routine helps give you a more balanced musculature and that means greater power and lower risk of injury. And no, you aren't going to bulk up! Any pics I take like this are right after working out when the muscles are all fired up. Trust me, on a regular basis I don't have any type of Arnold Schwarzenegger thing going.
I love strength training. You know what, I love cardio stuff, too.
I make sure and do a variety of workouts so I don't get bored because trust me, I do get bored!
So that's what's happening around here.
In case you want to get caught up on Training Tuesday, here's week 1 & week 2.

The end of February, race season will be in full swing soon;
what are you training for?

Make it a great day!

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