Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday miles and spring time smiles!

It looks like the start of a great week!
It is 53 outside and the sun is shining. Ian has his first away game tonight and another one tomorrow.
The kiddo's freshman lacrosse team had their 1st game on Saturday and they won 6-5!
Woohoo! Pretty crazy to see my 'baby' playing high school lacrosse.
I am so proud of him. I think he knows it but is too teenagerish to acknowledge it.
We sat out there and froze in the under 30 temps on Saturday. Brrrr!
Spring is struggling, that's for sure.
I had a great weekend, pretty laid back.
Got in a great long run yesterday...7.25 miles.
Other than my app acting crazy thanks to some funky upgrade, it was awesome!
It felt so good to be outside and I ended up being a bit overdressed which is kind of a good thing really.
I did have to take my gloves off and on the whole time as it was just about 30 degrees.
I am happy to say that is the longest run I have ever done and I felt good yesterday and still feel good today!
Even took on the hilliest hills we have around here and did them twice!
Took me about an hour and 15 minutes if you add in the few minutes of picture taking that somehow ended up with me turning off the phone and having to restart and hold my breath to see if my app was paused at the 5-ish miles I was at...Yikes!
A little bit of anxiety for a few minutes there.
It was fine though until the GPS lost me at mile 6.5 - It had me leaping over rooftops and ending up back on this summit when I was actually at home...Grrr!
I think it may be time to shop for a new app.
Well, I am off and running (no pun intended!), I need to get the boys lacrosse gear to him and take care of a few errands before game time.
Oh hey, guess what?
I have a race tomorrow on April Fool's Day!
Looks like fun, right?
I will tell you all about it tomorrow and yes, I know...
The jury is still out on whether or not that thing looks anything like a Twinkie!

Are you out enjoying some nice weather today?
Make it a great day!

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